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Venus Bay Eco Retreat Location
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What a lovely introduction to Wilsons Promontory! Such a cosy little home – thanks for having us.

Jim & Georgia

2012 Gipsland Business Awards Finalist


Thank you Mae for a wonderful experience – the cabin, the land and landscape, your warmth, knowledge and generosity made our stay extra special. Thank you and all the very best.

Rowan & Andrew

Our stay was not long enough. We really enjoyed the birds and seeing how land can be brought back to itself by caring for it. Thank you and best wishes.

Jan & Cathy

What a privilege to meet you and this unspoiled spot of nature, where one can breathe in beauty and the sense of being! And thank you for creating such a perfect abode in the middle of it!

Jean & Ibeth

Thank you Mae, for a wonderful escape and a lovely place to relax. Very beautiful place to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Greg & Belinda

Lovely place Mae, a testament to your dedication to conserving the natural environment. 'May flowers rain upon you, and apples fall into your lap'.

Leanne & Andy

What an amazing place! The perfect destination to relax before the arrival of our baby. Thank you Mae.

Kate & Nicholas

Thanks Mae for allowing us to stay in your beautiful cabin and surrounds, We’ve had a lovely relaxing stay.

Georgia & Jonathan

A beautiful, well appointed cabin in a lovely stretch of bush. Thanks for your hospitality and the child friendly touches. We’ll be back!

Miki, Tom & Artie

Thank you very much, we enjoyed our stay. You were very helpful and the beach walk that you suggested was lovely. The cabin was amazing and really relaxing. Thank you again.

Jenny & Chris

Simply amazing! We loved every minute, from wombat spotting to cooking with the fantastic Cobb. Brought us right back to nature and reminded us of what is truly beautiful. Thank you for having us to stay in Correa Cabin. We’ll be sure to return. Best wishes!

Alastair & Amanda

What a lovely introduction to Wilsons Promontory! Such a cosy little home – thanks for having us.

Jim & Georgia

Thanks for your hospitality and this relaxing and fantastically quiet Easter weekend. We had a great zone-out and reckon you’re lucky to live in such a peaceful place!

Steve & Rebecca

Each Thursday when I get the Guardian newspaper I love to read the ‘Nature Watch’ column by Ray Collier. Our stay at the eco retreat was like an extended ‘reading’ of the ‘Nature Watch’ stories.

Silvia, David & Oliverio

Thank you Mae for a lovely few days in such a lovely peaceful place. We enjoyed our day walking in Wilson’s Promontory and seeing all the local animals and bird life.

Peter, Elspeth and Laura

Thanks for hosting us in your beautiful haven, we’re feeling recharged and inspired in such serene luxury.

Alfie & Sharon

Superbly equipped and managed accommodation in wonderful surroundings. Everything about the place is a great balance of eco and luxury, a great combination. Considering we are only 200k from Melbourne it seems like another world away. Many thanks, we will be back!

Steve & Carole, Nick & Rebecca

If you could train the wombats to perform during daylight hours then this place would be perfect Mae! No detail was missed; the cabin immaculate; every item we reached or looked for was here. A truly thoughtful host who shows passion for the people and the place. Just delightful!

Mardi & Matthew

The most relaxing place. Have had a calm and peaceful couple of days – perfect for post pregnancy/birth/first six months. Loved the bath so much we’ll be looking for one for our own house. Thank you so much for your hospitality, herbs, breakfast goodies, tea and the freshly grown courgettes which were put to good use. If we didn’t live on the other side of the planet we would be back. Thank you!

Sophie, Mickey & Rowan

What a beautiful and relaxing place. Thanks so much for having us. Out of all the places surrounding Venus Bay, we were glad we chose here. Cheers.

Ryan & Becky

Thank you so much Mae! Not only did we fall in love with the place – the fauna, flora, cabin. We found you extremely informative, knowledgeable, helpful and generous to a fault with our children. They loved the bullets!!! We would love to come back some time but without the children – the bath is calling me!! Great bath!

Peter & Elvira and family

Thank you for making our family free Xmas so peaceful. We loved the cabin, the beautiful location and noises of nature. P.S. the light show that you put on was amazing…to help us kick in 2012!

Cathie & Michael

What a beautiful place – so perfect for a pre-Xmas break in nature. Thanks for the garden goodies and all the care you’ve taken. Oh…..and a perfect place to Pop the Question! We’ll be back for sure for more kangaroo spotting on our doorstep – and the bathroom window.

Helen & Simon

Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing stay at the eco retreat. The place is beautiful and your commitment to conserving the environment really shines through everything. We had a very enjoyable few days and will definitely be back!

Elton & Kristine

We awoke on the second day, and it was as if the silence beneath frog song held us, its breath ours. Thank you trees, birds, frogs, kangaroos, and you Mae.

Sam & Hele

Ah the serenity! We enjoyed the tranquil surroundings and the generous hospitality. Thanks for a very enjoyable couple of days. The night walk was great. Keep up the good work. Thank you for going the extra yard in friendship and hospitality.

June & Linda

Dear Mae. We had a great time! You have created a gem of a place to escape to from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We could not have chosen a better place to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Thank you.

Mat & Lucy

Glorious weather, glorious spot and utterly wonderful cabin. We look forward to our return in the not too distant future. Thank you Mae!

The Macbeth family

We loved the little touch of the friendly kangaroos escorting us in and showing the way, and the amazing frog chorus welcome. Everything was wonderful from the cosy cottage to the herbs on the bench. Thank you; and best wishes for the future.

Michele & Rod

This has to be the most relaxing, amazing place. We love your work and feel privileged to share with you! Thanks so much.

Paul & Julie

Dear Mae. Thank you for a lovely stay. You have a beautiful place here and we hope to enjoy it again in the future.

Louise, Rebecca, Rachel, Luke and Matt

Thank you for an amazing start to our marriage. We love the cottage and the surrounds and are looking forward to exploring the area today. We will be back for certain – thank you!

Lisa & Joseph

The simple things are often the best, and this was the escape we were after. Love the house, surrounds, peace and quiet, and the long walks – a memorable birthday. Thank you.

Anton & Isobel

What pure bliss! Wetlands on one side, surf beach on the other. So peaceful, thanks.

Andrew & Simonett

Dear Mae. Thank you for the time and effort you have taken to create such a perfect place. We feel very inspired! We loved the fresh organic food – and we got to see two eagles and a wombat! Expect us back.

Darcy & Madeline

We loved the little touch of the friendly kangaroo escorting us in and showing the way, and the amazing frog chorus welcome. Everything was wonderful from the cosy cottage to the herbs on the bench.

Michele and Rod

This beautiful place was just perfect for our beautiful weekend.

Chris and Sonja

Five days of walking, reading, swimming and soaking in the glorious tub. A perfect start to our married life

Sarah and Bruce

The simple things are often the best, and this was the escape we were after. Love the house, surrounds, peace, quiet and the long walks, a memorable birthday.

Anton and Isobel

Thank you for an amazing start to our marriage. We loved the cabin and the surrounds and are looking forward to exploring the area today. We will be back for certain.

Liz and Joseph

Thank you for providing such a tranquil and beautiful place. We loved the cheeky local wildlife and we have found these days calming and regenerating.

Kim and John

Thank you very much for your hospitality and all the efforts to make this special place possible for us and future generations. Here we were able to take the rush out of our lives and open our eyes for the surroundings.

Isabel and Martin

The eco retreat is everything and more – you have thought of every little detail and educated us along the way. We will be back for more fig jam and jumping around in our nighties to impress the kangaroos. Thank you, it was really terrific.

Jo and Linda

Thank you for a lovely stay – very relaxing and beautiful. Wonderful tips and information about conservation and gave us all things we can take with us to help make a difference wherever we stay. Thank you.

Paul, Noelene, Oscar and Harry

Thank you for an absolutely lovely time away. It has been so relaxing and peaceful and we have loved every minute of it – too short however. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, we will love to come back sometime very soon. Thanks for the yummy cake.

Kelly and Andrew

Perfect – relaxing, private and no hassles. This really is an exceptional spot. Thanks Mae!

Lisa and Ande

Awesome. Dear Mae son, we really appreciate all of your hard work on conserving this place. We had a great time and thank you for your ecological hospitality. The local native animals must remain in peace and I’m sure you will try to keep them happy. Many thanks.

Catia and Kengo

Liz and I REALLY enjoyed our stay at the Eco Retreat and will hopefully come back sometime next year. Meantime, we are trying to come back down to earth ... to reality. When we would both much prefer your reality! All the best and once again, thank you.

Peter and Liz

Thank you, we had a really lovely and relaxing time – it’s so peaceful here you really are lucky (well hard work and dedication plays a big part too!) to live in such an untouched corner of Victoria. Will see you again soon, warmest regards.

Patty and John

Thank you Mae, we had a fantastic time here with nature, silence is a bliss. Thank you for all the lovely jams and muesli ‘very nice’ and for creating such a special place with mother nature. Until next time enjoy.

Andrew and Sofia

The bush offers plenty of adventure here at Venus Bay. We found ourselves gazing upon amazing wildlife, beautiful wetlands, squeaky white sand beaches and native Australian bush. This is a wildlife haven in an otherwise so busy coast. We met our first wombat, saw kangaroos in the wild and really enjoyed the mischief of the birds, and the great food.

Malin and Joel from Sweden